VaultGuard Project Roadmap

Welcome to the VaultGuard Project Roadmap!
This page outlines parts of our vision and timeline for the development of VaultGuard.
We are committed to transparency and keeping our community informed about our progress. 

Vaultguards’ idea is born.


A significant portion of holders store their assets in insecure, unprotected ways.

Vaultguard’s core mission is to ensure the security of private assets, empowering individuals with full control over their holdings.

The idea of Vaultguard and its flash drive security solution has emerged.

~ LATE Q1 2023.

$VaultG token is launched.


Digital currency is a component of the digital future we are rapidly advancing into.

Our token plays an important role in enhancing our visibility, allowing individuals to invest in our concept.

Our token also contributes to the growth of the project thanks to our tax token.

~ 28th AUGUST 2023.

Uptaded 2023-09-21

Vaultguard project roadmap:

This roadmap provides a brief overview of some of our objectives. The project as a whole encompasses much more than what is outlined here on our roadmap.

To stay fully updated on our latest developments and our current progress, please follow our socials.

The first steps:

🟢 Launch $VaultG on August 28th.
🟢 Develop the website and online store.
🟢 Release VaultGuard’s USB 3.0 flash drive.
🟢 Establish a referral affiliate system.
🟢 100 Holders.


🔴 250 holders.
🟢 V.1 Staking.
🟢 Developing VaultGuard Live OS.
🟡 Digital content for enhanced exposure.
🟡 Partnerships/Marketing.

Moving forward:

🟡 Release of VaultGuard Live OS.
🟡 More products in store.
🔴 $Vaultg first breakout 50k m-cap.
🔴 Product sales have gained significant momentum.

Big steps forward.

We need to generate product sales and attract new investors TO $VAULTG in order to secure funds for phase #4.

We must successfully attain exposure through marketing + DIGITAL CONTENT.

This step marks a significant milestone, as we have initiated substantial reconstruction and developments with top-tier developers.
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